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Co-Ax Valves, Inc.
"On behalf of the entire organization of co-ax valves inc., I want to formally thank you and your team for the superb job in the construction of our new USA headquarters facility.

From initial design to the finishing touches, we have been completely satisfied with the professionalism and attentiveness of your staff, field personnel and sub-contractors.  We greatly appreciate your working with us so diligently to keep costs down while accomplishing our goals and vision for our new building.  We realize it was a challenge and the team from PVC delivered a first-class product within budget and far exceeded the projected completion requirement!  We were able to take possession a full month ahead of schedule.

The integrity and excellence of Penn Valley Constructors makes it a pleasure for us to give the highest recommendation of your services."

-Joseph C. Dunbar, Co-Ax Valves, Inc., September 2014

Arbonite, A Division of P & R Industries, Inc.
"I just wanted to take a minute on behalf of all of us here at Arbonite to let you know about a job well done by Penn Valley in the reconstruction of our fire destroyed Building One.  I am not in the habit of building new buildings, and as a result we had no idea what is really involved.

What we liked about Penn Valley was the complete and total transparency before the project was awarded about what was really needed to construct a first class facility and the associated costs.  This is a much better approach as opposed to the design and build contractors who just wanted the money to do the drawings and THEN want to tell you what it is going to cost.

Your Project Manager David Drabic had all the requirements for this building under control, as he is very knowledgeable about the commercial requirements that surround a project such as ours.  Dave made it easy for us by dealing with the red tape, and making sure what needed to be done got done, as we would have never ever known.

The actual construction phase, as you know, was made more challenging by the timing and Mother Nature.  Chuck Keenan, the Penn Valley site superintendent, was a wizard in arranging construction around the not so friendly winter weather in such a way that the project still ended up being completed per the original timeline.  Chuck lived and breathed this project as if it were his own building, and I don't think we can say enough about how easy and pleasant he was to deal with as the day to day site contact, not to mention his overall knowledge of the processes and requirements

The Penn Valley costing and project invoicing is also exceedingly well done.  Besides the up front cost information, it was easy to follow and quite clear about what was done and what remained to be done.

A final word about your subcontractors ... these guys are the best in their fields.  Each and every one of them represented PVC in the best way.  And thanks again to Dave and Chuck for having these people here when they were needed.

Thank you again for a job well done.  We would be happy to show off our new building and discuss this project with any of your potential future clients."

-Peter C. Fritchman, Arbonite/P & R Industries, Inc., June 2014


Cento Fine Foods, Inc.
"Cento Fine Foods, Inc. is a producer, importer and distributor of Italian food products. A family owned and operated business, Cento was started by my parents and later carried forward by my brother and myself along with other family members.

In 1989, having out grown our facility in Westville, New Jersey, we purchased land in West Deptford, New Jersey for our new headquarters and distribution center. We interviewed several builders and ultimately selected Penn Valley Constructors, Inc. as our contractor for the 75,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered steel building.

The process went so well that two years later, when we decided to build 'Cento Two,' the 48,000 sq. ft. warehouse addition, we again chose Penn Valley Constructors. This time Penn Valley also handled all of the building design work.

Now 20 years later we are just completing 'Cento Three,' the final 44,000 sq. ft. addition to our facility. Again, we have chosen Penn Valley as design/build contractor. Frankly, we are more pleased than ever with their customer oriented professionalism, attention to detail and honesty. This project has gone even more smoothly than the first two.

We are more than satisfied with Penn Valley Constructors and would recommend them to anyone considering a large pre-engineered building project."

-Rick Ciccotelli, Cento Fine Foods, Inc., July 2011

Carson Helicopters, Inc.

"Carson Helicopters was founded in 1963. Our business has evolved from a record setting history in industrial lifting, through innovative fire fighting and mapping to its current focus of innovation and remanufacturing of large helicopters.

With our business rapidly expanding, in the fall of 2008 we contacted Penn Valley Constructors to renew discussions with them regarding a 40,000 square foot pre-engineered Steel Warehouse we had been planning for some time.

After several meetings and several proposals, we selected Penn Valley as our builder. This decision was made based on their experience with pre-engineered steel buildings and their professionalism.

This project was handled on a design build basis with Penn Valley taking the leadership roll. When the Township approvals were completed, they had the building plans permit ready and were ready to start.

Both the design and construction of the project went extremely smoothly with completion achieved the winter of 2009-2010.

In the fall of 2010 we realized that as our business prospered we were once again running out of space. Without hesitation, we once again called on Penn Valley to add 20,000 square feet to the Warehouse and 37,500 square feet to our Manufacturing Center.

Penn Valley completed all of the design work promptly and once again was ready and waiting when the municipal hurtles were cleared. Their good relations with the Hilltown Township and the other agencies helped to make the approval process a smooth one. We have just broken ground on the additions and anticipate another successful project.

We are happy to recommend Penn Valley to anyone considering a design-build industrial project."

- Frank Carson, Carson Helicopters, Inc., July 2011

Magna-Power Electronics, Inc.
"This letter is a recommendation for the construction services of Penn Valley Constructors. I am President of Magna-Power Electronics and owner of the property at the above address. My existing facility is a 27,500 SF steel/block building that was completed in 2006 by another builder; Penn Valley Constructors is presently constructing a 29,000 SF addition to the existing facility.

As of this date, I am extremely happy with the services provided. The building is being constructed on schedule and within budget. I am an engineer and insightful to tasks at hand. Penn Valley Constructors did their homework up-front, was detailed with their proposal, and lined up a first class crew of subcontractors to do the work. I consider myself a tough customer and any issues that I had were addressed promptly and fairly.

We are about 40% through the construction phase. If work continues as experienced so far, Penn Valley Constructors would be in line for any future work. This is the best recommendation I could possibly give."

- Ira J. Pitel, Magna-Power, Inc., July 2011

Abrams Hebrew Academy
"Now that we have completed our second building project with you. I would like to congratulate and thank you and Penn Valley Constructors for your excellent work in making a true campus of our school, first with the construction of our gym in 1996. and now with the completion of our new classroom building.

From the very beginning of our first project, it was obvious to our school leadership that your company would lead us from concept, to design to construction with the highest degree of professionalism. This was repealed with our new school building. Penn Valley is a firm that can be depended upon for design, approvals, construction, and the discipline to hold and maintain the building schedule and the all-important budget.

While you have built our gym and our school building, you have also built much more with Abrams. You and your staff are great to work with on a personal level, and I believe you would agree with me that Penn Valley and Abrams have built a long-lasting bond of friendship.

Thank you once again for our genuine, hands-on attention and superb professionalism on behalf of our school. 1 look forward to keeping in touch."

- Rabbi Ira Budow, Abrams Hebrew Academy, April 2006

Coleman Buick Pontiac
"The construction of our new Suzuki dealership was just recently completed by Penn Valley Constructors, Inc. Our experience with Penn Valley was most definitely a positive one.

Penn Valley's knowledge and understanding of our operations, enabled them to bring forth suggestions to the General Motors building layout that allowed us to double our number of service bays, while adding minimal additional space to the building, and virtually no impact to the site plan. Along with that, the use of the pre-engineered structure for most of the building allowed for a means of providing clear span space in our service areas. Using metal liner panel in our service areas provided an economical means for bright, clean and maintenance free partition walls, separating the different service environments. Their implementation of the Suzuki Image requirement finishes to the showroom and public areas were right on target.

These are just a few of the different scenarios that Penn Valley was able to incorporate into the construction of the dealership which resulted in the overall success of the project. My sincere appreciation to Mike McCormick and Steve Pfau for their attention to detail and expertise throughout the process.

I give Penn Valley my highest recommendations to anyone who is looking for professional, quality service."

- Drew Coleman, Coleman Buick Pontiac, August 2005

James A. Michener Art Museum
"Please' allow me to take the opportunity to express our great pleasure in working with your firm on the Ill-mil of our new satellite museum in New Mope and on the renovation of our galleries here in Doylestown. Both projects were completed by your Jinn with the highest degree of craftsmanship and with an attention to detail that is uncommon in today's world. Every one in your organization was willing to make an extra effort to bring these projects to a successful completion with a sense of responsibility and pride in their work. I wanted to single out the efforts of Jeff Bertoldo. the Superintendent, and Vilnis Ore. the Project Manager. Both of them put in countless hours without complaint. bringing this project to a successful conclusion.

In addition to the excellent work by members of your staff and by your many subcontractors. your personal intervention at the appropriate moments was also of great value. It is always rewarding to award a construction contract to the low bidder and then to have that bidder complete the project with the skill and finesse that you folks brought to our job. I might also add that these projects were both completed without any unexpected or excessive change order costs.
It was indeed a great pleasure to work with you and the members of your organization."

- Bruce Katsiff, James A. Michener Art Museum, December 2003

Triumph Brewing Company
"Last year we selected Penn Valley Constructors to be our contractor for the new Triumph Brew Pub in New Hope, PA. Our decision was largely based on their excellent performance on a renovation at our Princeton location.

The New Hope job was very complicated including complex mechanical systems and upscale finishes. The job was made more challenging by the fact that it was built within the confines of a one hundred year old industrial building.

Penn Valley's performance on the New Hope job exceeded our expectations at every level. Project Manager. John DenBleyker's attention to detail and customer service are of the highest order. Field Superintendent, Jeff Bcrtoldo's control of the job site and personal concern for the project are what every owner would hope for.

We commend Penn Valley for their excellent performance and recommend them to anyone who wants a contractor dedicated to quality, schedule, and customer satisfaction."

- Brian Fitting, Triumph Brewing Company, September 2003

Gelest, Inc.
"Penn Valley Constructors, Inc. has recently completed the construction of the first phase of our industrial campus. Our business is the manufacture of highly specialized chemicals and materials utilized in microelectronics and diagnostics. Our buildings are as specialized as our products and the markets we serve, demanding sophisticated construction at every level. Few contractors are qualified to undertake a project with these complex issues, particularly on a design/ build basis.

We consider our experience with Penn Valley to be extremely positive. They facilitated almost every level of our projects from planning through design and construction.

Penn Valley gave us incredible service from start to finish. I recommend them and give a rating of 5 stars.
As witness to our satisfaction, we have brought Penn Valley back to help us design and build the next phase of our construction."

- Barry Arkles, Gelest, Inc., September 2003

Precision Acura

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your company's performance during the remodel of our Dealership. From the professional estimating of costs, to the development of the plans, to the construction of the facility, everything was accomplished with the utmost of care and concern.

Things were always done above board which eliminated the many possible surprises that usually arise in this type of project. There were never any conflicts or areas of contention. Your employees and most subcontractors need to be commended.

Special recognition should be given to Mike McCormick, Rich Traynor, and Steve Pfau. Mike did a great job getting the project rolling and carried it through the grueling approval process. Then Rich took over setting up scheduling and the subcontractors to operate efficiently and with tremendous concern for our ongoing operation. He was always aware of the needs of our employees and clients. After that, Steve was fantastic. He became part of our family. His heartfelt concern for the project and the possible negative impact on our business was never ending. He was always a gentleman and took care of our customers as if they were his own.

Your company seems to have developed an expertise in the renewal of Acura Dealerships. If I can be a reference or supply any information to any prospective clients, it would be my pleasure. Best of luck in the future."

- William Keith, Precision Acura, August 2003

Burlington Lincoln Mercury
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous job you and your company did in completing the construction of my new Quicklane. Everyone in your organization was helpful and cooperative. I would especially like to thank two of your employees, Mike McCormick and Richard Traynor who worked very close with me with all the change orders, assuring me that I would get what I wanted. The project came out perfectly.

1 do look forward to -working with you and your team again as we complete the development of our property in the next year or so."

- Dennis J. Zawalich, Burlington Lincoln Mercury, January 2002

James Toyota
"My name is Jim Botsacos and I own and operate James Toyota in Flemington New Jersey.

I am a resident of Mamaroneck New York. In 1992 I needed to find a contractor to build a dealership in Flemington New Jersey.

Being a stranger to the area. I did comprehensive due diligence and interviewed several contractors. I was actually referred to Penn Valley Contractors Inc. by another Toyota dealer who had a similar positive experience.

Adjectives to describe them would be: honest, trustworthy, prudent, competent, direct, accommodating and reliable.
No wonder they were our choice for a recent renovation adding four additional service bays.

I am enclosing a copy of a showroom brochure that will show some of my dealership, and it will put a face to a name.
If I can be of any additional service, it will be my pleasure to speak with you."

- Jim Botsacos, James Toyota, November 2001

North Park Real Estate Group

"We would like to extend our thanks for a job well done. This project was our largest combination store/warehouse facility for Barnett, Inc. and the delivery date was most critical due to the very restrictive vacancy date placed by their previous landlord. The plan your company devised to work with the township and have the tenant move-in in phases worked to near perfection.

Keeping control of an out of town project is not an easy task. From design through municipal approvals and construction to occupancy, while maintaining quality, the entire project ran smooth with minimal extra attention required on our part; a fact that we very much appreciated- Again, thanks for a job well done."

- Ron Onorato, North Park Real Estate Group, January 2000

Stoney Brook Associates
"When we hired Penn Valley to construct the addition of the Krupp Plastics project, we had every confidence that you would do the same good job on the addition that you did on the original building. You didn't disappoint us. In fact, when our customer pressed us with an earlier than planned upon completion date, your guys found a way to step up the schedule without sacrificing quality or adding cost.

Special praise should go lo your personnel involved in the project - John DenBleyker, the project manager, showed the same steadfast professionalism on this project that he exhibited on the original building. It was for that reason that both Krupp and our company wanted John and Penn Valley back for the Krupp addition. We knew he would deliver.

Your new field superintendent. Jeff Bertoldo, also did a great job. You should be particularly proud of Jeff. He kept the jobsite spotless at all times and kept the work flowing without missing a beat. When we were all pressed to shorten the schedule, Jeff and John both look a "can do" attitude by placing the customer's needs first.

We look forward to our next project with you and your team. Thanks for a great job."

- Eugene Schenkman, Stoney Brook Associates, December 1999

Stem Asset Management

"We would like to thank you and also commend your management team and subcontractors for the excellent completion of our addition at Paco Winders Mfg. Inc. 2040 Bennett Road in Northeast Philadelphia.

The entire project was completed ahead of schedule with attention to every detail. Both Steve Pfau, Superintendent and Mike McCormick, Project Manager continually kept us informed of each phase and helped us with every decision in completing the construction.

Again, we thank Penn Valley Constructors, Inc. for all of your help and would be pleased to recommend your services to any of your future customers."

- Steven R. Kiss, Stem Asset Management, December 1998

The Thompson Organization
"Thompson BMW recently contracted Penn Valley Constructors as general contractor to build our new BMW showroom located at 640 N. Main Street in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Thompson BMW is very pleased with the quality of workmanship performed on this building. We found Penn Valley Constructors to be extremely cooperative and accommodating which allowed the project to proceed smoothly and timely.

1 would personally recommend Penn Valley Constructors for similar construction contracts and would be happy to discuss our experience with any interested party."

- John G. Thompson, The Thompson Organization, August 1998

Penn Color, Inc.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Penn Valley Constructors, Inc. for a job well done in the planning and construction of our new lab facility. I could not be more pleased with John DenBleyker and George McCardle's performance coordinating, scheduling and supervising the project. They provided the attention to detail and coordination of the complex mechanical systems and lab furniture that this building required.

In short, your staff continues to do whatever it takes to service Penn Color, Inc. We could not have made a better choice in selecting a General Contractor for the lab and the plant."

- Kevin Putnam, Penn Color, Inc., June 1998

Robert A. Leipziger

"Thank you for the beautiful job you did building my new facility located on Rt. 413 in Bristol Township. It was nice to work with a company that could build a 20,000 square foot facility despite minor obstacles. I was especially impressed that you constructed a one million dollar facility in such a timely fashion.

The workmanship of your sublet contractors was outstanding from the block work to the final trim work. The biggest difference to me came six months after the job was completed when 1 received a check in the mail for $960.00, which was unused budget money. That's a sure indication of your company's commitment to running an ethical business while producing a quality finished product. Thanks again for a great job!"

- Robert A. Leipziger, June 1998


"I would like to extend my appreciation for the cooperation and service that you and your company have demonstrated completing past projects.

Reviewing some of our earlier completed projects, I realized that Mike McCormick has been the Project Manager for all Grainger work and is especially a strong communicator. He has been involved on both new construction as well as lease renovations. In fact, the most recently completed project was the renovation of Atlantic City where the building had been poorly neglected with numerous surprises and the project was still completed on time and within budget.

As you are aware, our company is very loyal to firms that perform and meet our high standards. We reward "hard work" with more hard work.

I am always confident that you will provide me with the team necessary to complete the task, whether it is a design/build project or even a maintenance and repair item.

Please feel free to forward this letter to potential clients with our appreciation of past projects and look forward to a continued working relationship."

- David J. Zimmer, Grainger, May 1998

The Richards Investment Partnerships

"The latest building erected in the Runnemede Corporate Center is now completed, and the Tenant, The Visiting Nurse Association, has taken occupancy.

Now that the "dust" has settled, I wanted to express my thanks to you and your staff, particularly Mike McCormick, Project Manager, and Steve Pfau, on-site Construction Superintendent, for a job "well done".

This was a particularly complex project when considering the large amount of interior Finish involved (over 55% of the building was finished office and day-care) and all of specialty items required by the Tenant. Further complicating the situation was the Tenant's tight time frame, the constant barrage of plan changes being made, and the fact that this project was built during the winter months.

In spite of all of the above impediments, the building was delivered to the Tenant on time and on budget.
Both Mike and Steve must be commended for the excellent job they did keeping the project moving forward while controlling the overall construction costs. They were attentive to both the needs and whims of the Tenant as well as the demands of my partners and myself.

From the initial planning, design and estimating phases through build-out and Tenant occupancy, they made the entire process run like a well-oiled machine.

We are especially proud of this latest addition to The Runnemede Corporate Center, and again wish to commend and recognize Penn Valley Constructors for the major role you had in it."

- David Richards, The Richards Investment Partnerships, May 1998

Bensalem Baptist Church

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your part in our new multi-purpose building. It's a real thrill to see young people utilizing the building and for us to see our dreams come to reality.

I want to thank you for the integrity of your company and for the prompt manner in which you have responded to our concerns. I also appreciate the way your company kept the project in budget.

Please feel free to use our name and to bring perspective clients to see the project at any time. If we can be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to call upon us."

- Pastor Bruce W. Love, Bensalem Baptist Church, April 1998

Prince Sports Group

"I would like thank you for the fine service Penn Valley Constructors has provided for us over the last six years. You have performed design and construction on everything from quick response alterations to major renovations to complete construction of our office and R&D center, and done so in a professional and cost effective manner. The ability of your staff to provide practical solutions to sometimes complex problems has also been a great asset.

You have delivered design alternatives and on time completion for projects of varying sizes which has allowed us to be able to call on you for all of our building requirements. As our company continues to grow and evolve we consider your team of professionals as part of our team and we have full confidence in your ability to continue to meet our facilities needs for the future."

- John H. McBride, Prince Sports Group, April 1998

Keystone Natural Water
"Through this letter I would like to commend Penn Valley and your project management team for the fine job you performed in the construction of our new bottling plant and distribution center in Yardley.

We have received many compliments on the building and there has been a minimum of problems since we occupied the premises in mid November. We at Keystone were particularly pleased with the timeliness of your work as well as the adherence to the original project estimates. There were very few surprises and when problems did develop, as they always do in a project of this magnitude, they were immediately addressed and resolved professionally.

Without hesitation I would give Penn Valley and your associates my highest recommendation to any prospect considering a construction project similar to ours."

- John A. Henry, Keystone Natural Water, April 1998

Clarence J. Venne, Inc.

"It is my pleasure to write this testimonial letter to Penn Valley Constructors as related to the new construction of the 15,000 square foot annex to our main building.

You were extremely helpful in securing the building permits from Bristol Township who has a reputation of being very difficult to work with.

Foundation work began in late November 1997 In spite of poor weather in December, Penn Valley secured temporary occupancy permits on April 1, 1997 only two weeks beyond the completion date.

My father and I were more than pleased with your attention to detail to the many punch list items that were brought to your attention at the weekly construction meetings. As in any major project, there were several items that had to be negotiated and John Otto was very fair in resolving these issues to our complete satisfaction.

We are extremely proud of the building Penn Valley constructed for Clarence J. Venne, Inc. and would go so far as to say we would give your company the right of refusal should we ever be fortunate enough to build a new facility. On behalf of my father and 1, we were completely satisfied with the finished annex and would highly recommend your company to any new prospective clients."

- Richard A. Venne, Clarence J. Venne, Inc., April 1998

Feist & Feist Realty Corp.

"Just a short note to tell you how impressed (and pleased) I am with your performance regarding the above referenced facility.

It certainly gives me a reason to recommend you to others with the confidence that the job will get done in a timely and professional manner."

- John H. Adams, Feist & Feist Realty Corp., February 1998

American Appliance

"Just a brief note of thanks for the great job you did on the three (3) projects you completed for us this year. Michael McCormick brought the stores in Springfield and King of Prussia on line just when we needed them, faster than I thought possible. The new 200,000 square foot warehouse is great too! It will enable us to purchase and supply better than ever.

Neither one of us could have imagined when we met eighteen (18) years ago, that in the years to come you would build us fourteen {14) new stores and two (2) warehouses as well as performing three (3) complete renovations. I'm glad our companies have been able to grow together as a team."

- William C. Rowland, Jr., American Appliance, December 1997

American Custom Drying Co.
"The plaque, which we gave you last month, bears the following inscription: "In sincere appreciation of your outstanding efforts in the successful completion on schedule of our Dryer #4 reconstruction project from February 1,1994 to July 1995".
Let me take this moment to reiterate that statement of appreciation for the job well done. Your tireless attention to the complex details of the project is what made it a total success.

We look forward to our next project with Penn Valley as our contractor."

- Oscar D. Lopez, American Custom Drying Co., January 1996

MG Industries

"It was a real pleasure to see you again during your recent visit to our outstanding new Specialty Gas Division office building. I hope I was able to convey the satisfaction we at MG Industries have for the superb job Penn Valley has done as General Contractor for this long awaited and important project.

MG has gained a tremendous asset which has allowed us to bring together our Division's management team. We now possess the best training and conference facility outside our corporate headquarters. The office building properly conveys my belief that the Specialty Gas Division is on the move - growing and diversifying our abilities to meet our customer's expectations.

In addition, we are now able to properly host customers and other important visitors who are touring our adjacent production facility. All of this enhanced capability will go a long way in advancing the reputation of the Specialty Gas Division and in facilitating our continued growth.

Please extend my very best regards to John DenBleyker and Rich Alito for a job very well done. You gave us your "A Team*. Their solid technical competence, outstanding managerial ability and dedication to excellence have resulted in the timely completion of this extensive construction and site preparation project. They smoothly and efficiently coordinated the many sub-contractors involved while anticipating and resolving many potential problems that could have resulted in delay.

It has been a pleasure working with Penn Valley Constructors."

- James F. Freeman III, MG Industries, May 1992

Team Toyota
"Please consider this letter as my glowing endorsement of John Otto and Penn Valley Constructors. Penn valley has built or remodeled four automobile dealerships for me in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I have been thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. All of the projects they have taken on for me have come in under budget and on time. John, his staff, and their professional associates are a pleasure to deal with. At this point I would not think of undertaking a project without them.

Please consider Penn Valley Contractors for your next project. You'll thank me for the recommendation."

- Paul J. Muller, Team Toyota

Upper Salford Fire Volunteer Fire Company

"On behalf of the Upper Salford Volunteer Fire Company I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent job they did on our firehouse expansion project. This expansion has been a dream of ours for many years and with your help it is now a reality.

The Project Manager John Denbleyker did an excellent job communicating with our building committee and ensuring that the building design would meet our needs both structurally and financially.

Bill Pulak our Job Superintendent worked daily to ensure that our existing building remained operational during constructing, and that any concerns we had were immediately resolved. His experience and personality was well suited to meet the unique needs of our project.

We have had many positive comments from various fire companies and the residents of the community on the quality of our building. I think the Team effort that was put into this project from all parties is what made it a success."

- Scott McMaster, Upper Salford Fire Volunteer Fire Company

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